Saturday, March 7, 2015

And we are off!

The first week of our exciting news and I am already overwhelmed. Of course we are familiar with the process and you never forget how much paperwork is involved. The time they have spent in the orphanage has been too long; therefore, it is my hope we can work through this quickly. I have so many things to get ready for. Not only for the adoption itself but also for the needs that come with. So my focus now is on raising the funds for this to move quickly. So here is my breakdown: Homestudy $1000-3000 Team Upfront Fees $900 Passports $240 Shipping $100 Apostilles $150 FBI background check $150 Random paperwork $200 Airfare $3-$6,000 Fac. Fees $8,500 Living Expenses in country $4,000 Travel Expenses in country $2,000 Visa, passport, medical 1,000 Additional child $5000 Total estimate $27-32k So my goal is to start marking these off! I know we can do this together! I will start fundraising in a big way starting this week! I am so excited!!!

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